Saturday, 28 February 2009

BASB: "What irks me"

BASB: Challenge... Late night telephone calls... really irk me!!!!!!
I have made use of the stash that I wanted to buy last week at Sugar and Spice, but didn't... so I had to just go and get it, or should I say that my darling, very special husband got it for me on his way home, both the patterned paper and a great "earth tones" colour stack by American Crafts.
I have really enjoyed this challenge and really love the reto papers.
Didn't get to Shays on Friday... wait for it.... she got her old sofa stuck in the front doorway, as she was hoping to get it taken away by the dust men. Her "man" ended up taking a sledge hammer to it. I really laughed as Shay text me, no one could get in or out her house, and the front door was open with the sofa jammed. The scenario of Winnie the Pooh, sprung to mind... Love you lots Shay and hope that we can make another date soon.
Have lots of making planned for tomorrow... see you then xxx
Magic and Sparkle xxxxxx


karen m. (akaliz) said...

how funny! luckily i don't get too many of those, and if i do, i get worried. love the colors you chose and all the circles.

and did i read that correctly? your hubby got the paper for you? wow!!!

thanks for playing along!

Polly said...

That 'irks' me too, that and early morning calls. Actually maybe early mormning calls more so...