Sunday, 21 March 2010

Shame on me xxxx

Hello there, yes i am still around and i am sad to say that it has been so long since i posted on this little blog of mine xxxx blog! what blog!
Well, whats been happening... I was made redudant from my Children's Centre Inclusion Coordinator Post... but I have secured a post as a Senior Social Work Practitioner in a Disabled Children's Team xxx and I am starting my masters in September !!!!! the post is full time and I am working longer hours so I am really tired.....
Sadly i have had 2 miscarriages xxx but hopefully get news this week why, so we can plan to become team Griffin again xxxx
I have been really busy making... and will take an evening to place them on a slide show for you xxx I am going away this Friday on Gogo weekend. I have lots of photos ready and really excited xxxx
Well, thats it for now... will be back with my slide show .... PROMISE xxxx