Sunday, 25 May 2008

Raining On my plans.....

I shoudn't be here.... I should be at an all day crop then off to Milton Keynes... the weather is so bad.. I'm not packing my car until the rain calms down a little.. otherwise I will be soaked and I am just getting over a little unwell spell.

I managed to get all the housework done yesterday, even cleared all my ironing and so I finished the weekly challenge from UKS. I really enjoyed it and working with a sketch, takes you out of you comfort zone. And yes.. it is in lilac.

I saw a LO on UKS using these colours and thought it looked good, especially with a baby sleeping, lilac being a calm colour. So i adpoted it for the challenge. I must confess I don't like lilac for one reason. When Gabrielle was in NICU we found that the day's that she ws really ill she was laying on lilac bedding in her little incubator... Strange how something so small can have such an effect on you. I suppose that's why I am such a PINK fan, as when she started getting better and we could dress her most the clothes were baby pink.

I will see if this weather calms down until 11.30, then if not I will stay here, no good going really late. So I will travel from here later, will just have to set myself up here and have a lonely CROP.... fingers crossed it calms down as the journey will be really bad!!! MAGIC AND SPARKLE XXXXXX

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Avoiding the housework....

I forgot to get the special little ceramic tag for Andrea, so popped back to Barleylands today.. I also managed to get the Pink stash... papers and pens for my cousin and Andrea... I hope they like.. If not looks like I will bring it home with Me.. (wishful thinking)... Mitchell my nephew came and loved watching the class whilst I had a little mooch around.

When I got back home my parcel had arrived from Sarah's cards.. I also ordered loads of flowers. The books are for my CJ and so I am really happy now as I can get started... so much to do.. so many ideas... I also love, love, love the lace card.. the red one is for a little idea i have for some ladybirds...

The rainbow paints are for my CJ planning to use as many colours as I can on the front pages.... New Scissors....Honey Bee, anti stick... and Wonderful Bazzill stitching card... I have lots of threads so will just get a couple more cards... get me stitching!!!! Think that i have made a eod for my own back as when some bits need my attention here I won't be able to pass to my aunt to fix...

Got to go and do housework (ironing, cleaning, vaccuming) now, pack my case and then sort out for Crop tomorrow and then if time want to finish challenge.... So I am going to add an extra 6 hours to today.. I need it.... Wish me luck.... Magic and Sparkle xxxx

Friday, 23 May 2008

Spending my pennies on yummy stash....

I went to Sugar and Spice and bought loads today... princess crown and flower punches; Glamour dust, Sakura Glaze pens and a "Family" Album and none of it was for me... But I managed to slip in a selection of Color Core Paper, loads of black and white paper and some fairy paper and also some great coordinating pink and green paper with birds and also paisley. I picked up some red, blac and white inks and stickles... I also popped into Hobby Craft and picked up some thickies.. letters some shimmering silver letters and some little adhesions that are little garden bugs.

Do you like my additional storage, I have managed to condense my bits into these boxes, for now.. I got them from Next 3 for £30.. they will be easy for me to grab and take to a Crop... which I'm doing on Sunday, so I will let you know how I get on.

The folder to the side I made yesterday, for Gabrielle's bestest friend Cassie. It is going to be used to help her communicate with photo's placed inside that she will let people know what she needs.. I had great fun making it and I hope that she enjoy's using it...
Well busy day tomorrow, HOUSEWORK.... then packing for my Crop on Sunday and then off to Milton Keynes.. fingers crossed I manage to finish the challenge and I an now thinking about the mid-month challenge.
I also should get my delivery tommorow, as need to start my Circle Journey book... watch this space.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Sugar and Spice and all things nice

So excited I am off to Sugar and Spice tomorrow xxxxx I am buying stash for my cousin, will be a shame not to get some for myself..... I completed a little folder this evening for Gabrielle's best friend Cassie xx I hope that she will like it, will post some pictures tomorrow and I plan to also complete another Challenge and I will be doing it in Lilac so I am really excited.

I am also waiting for my book to arrive to get started on my first cj, but had a call tonight and will be with me on Saturday... still planning my front cover .. Any ideas? I have called it S is for Scrapping.... I think I will go along the lines of the school charts you used to get with A is for apple etc... MAGIC AND SPARKLE XXXXX

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Majic Circle

Hello, there hope you don't mind the red writing but thought it would look good against the picture opposite. I have joined my first Circle Journal... called the Majic Circle.....

It's so exciting, so many ideas.... I have chosen to theme my book on: S is for Scrapping. Within the book you can use the your favourite stash.. mine will be P is for Pink... surprise suprise!!!! I ordered my blank book this afternoon so I hope it will be with me soon as I want to get started. Just have a couple of questions to clarify.

I am off to an all day Crop on Sunday, which will be fun and then straight of to my cousins in Milton Keynes for a couple of day's. My cousin Louise, stayed with me and we went to Ali Pali together. She has been really busy with her sports degree she has not even unpacked the stash that she bought.. CRIMINAL!!!! We will be having a couple of making day's whilst I am there and I am also having two tattoos. One will be to cover up a sad little teddy that I had done when I was 18. I have chosen a mythical, classical fairy. The tattoo will be in black and grey with lots of shading. My second tattoo will be on my left wrist and will be stars. one in Pink for my little girl. Finger crossed I do not pass out!!!! I will be helping my cousin with a Marathon Book as she run the London Marathon for my little girl and SCOPE a couple of years ago.

Well, i found this little robot earlier, it's cute. I know that they are very IN at the mo. It is so true that Scrapping is a step ahead......

Well fingers crosed I get my stash, I also ordered a couple of extra's.. would have been rude not to. I am also off to Sugar and Spice on Friday to get some stash for my cousin and her friend Andrea who will be cutting my hair. I will be paying her in stash... that would be so good, mind you would be homeless (but happy).... MAGIC AND SPARKLE xxxxxxx

Monday, 19 May 2008

Birthday makes.. Framed with love xxx

I had a massive tidy up yesterday arranging all my stash, I thought that my big black tote would hold more to be honest... I suppose when you go to a crop that you re-arrange to make sure that you have all that you need.

I made the frames that you can see as birthday pressie's, the pink one is for my nan, we cal her special nan.. she is so small she reminds me of Mrs Pepperpot. The brown detailed fram is for Paul's twin brother Colin, as a belated birthday gift. I was so busy making Pauls book I run out of time.. sorry Colin.

We are off to Hever Castle in Kent today, I hope that the weather holds out. I am hoping to get some decet photo's to Scrap as I want to make a layout with different photo's other than people. I have some great castle stash...

Magic and Sparkle xxxxxx

Daddy's Blue Birthday Book

I have managed to download all the photo's of Pauls book that I made him for his birthday into a slide show.. I apologise as some photo's are sideway's, but you can see what is on the page.
This is the first time that I have made a paperbag book, and I must say I am really pleased with it... I would have liked to have placed hole's down the left side and threaded through more ribbon. But, as I added more to the book's pages it got so thick I was unable to add this at the end. If I wanted to do this in the future on another book, I would make the holes at the start once I have placed all the base papers on, before I start adding the detail.
Paul is really pleased with the gift. It was really emotional making the book and we shared tears as he opened the pressie and read it. I found it so good to journal on the tag's placed within the book and have learn't how this can really make the pages come alive. I decided to make the book as a story about a princess and her daddy.....
Paul enjoyed his birthday as best he could... we went to Bluewater to try and find him a gift... 4 days on and a trip to Lakeside too, he is yet to decide what he wants... I am finding it soooo frustrating as I could spend his birthday money for him 100 times over.. Infact, at Bluewater I managed to buy some stash from an art shop and Paperchase, I have posted these below on another post.. Paul left empty handed..
Today I have added a little pet to my blog, a spider called Incy Wincey, I hope that she is well behaved when you visit....
Well, the search for a gift continues..... MAGIC AND SPARKLE XXXXXXX

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Stitching challenge and stash!!

Little Haven Service- Paul and I attended a memorial service with our friends Karen and John today, it was really emotional and we were able to release balloons.. have taken some pictures.. just have to sort them out, infact I used my old camera so I can't down load.. yet!!! We placed some flowers, God I miss her so much... Love You Gabrielle xxxx

Well here is my first monthly challenge and my first attempt at stitching on a Layout. I really enjoyed it and to be honest once started I really enjoyed the stitching and got a little carried away, I hope to place it on UKS so I can enter the challenge although I am having problems applying the photo, so fingers crossed. I am lucky as my friend Shell has lent me a decent camera to get the picture. I loved using the Berry Sweet paper from K&CO....

Here it is my lovely tote that I can wheel around... I am soooo in love with it and after searhing high and low I was able to get hold of it from a shop just 2o minutes away... Artbase, we were even thinking of importing from America.

Just need some time to play around with it and make the most of the storage.. I know there is no shortage of stash to put in it!!!!! Thank you so much Paul for letting me have my birthday pressie early.. I have a big smile on my face xxxxxx

The above is from Paperchase, puffy little stickers and also a robot and angel tag, which within the shop are classified as bookmarks, I have bought them as tags for my beautiful wheelie tote bag. Where as below more stash to add to my K&CO Berry Sweet, which as you can see I have started to use...

This little case is from Tesco and was very cheap at £4, lots of room for my paints and I'm also ging to get one for all my ink and stamping bits.. that's until my stamp collection needs it's own seperate storage... As I'm dreaming about Magnolia's, Little Cotton Rabbit's and also Blonde Moments.... oooh I could go on....

Friday, 16 May 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy xxxx

This is Paul's first birthday without Gabrielle, I have finished a paperbag book for Paul, and I set it out as a Once Upon A Time Story....with lots of great photo's of Paul with Gabrielle. It is also all blue.... Have not had chance to get any photo's but will catch up soon.......
Also I have managed to get some more stash.. including an early birthday pressie a wheelie tote.. by MM. I am in love with it!!!!
We have a special service tomorrow at Little Haven Children's Hospice we will be letting off balloons with messages on for our little girl..
Hope to post lots of photo's soon.. even borrowed a decent camera to get a photo of the monthy challenge... MAGIC AND SPARKLE xxxxxx

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A stitch in time...

I have continued with the monthly challenge and to be honest, I am really enjoying stitching on my layout... mind you don't know how long my fingers will hold out as they are getting a little sore now from my little mis-haps with the needle.
I have also completed another couple of pages last night for Pauls book, I am getting a little woried it won't be finished, so I might have to burn the midnight oil when he is in bed.
I am speaking to some officers today as I am thinking of applying for a couple of jobs in the Police!!!! we will see....
I can't wait till Friday to show you the book, that is if it is finished...
PS. If you think of some words that I could put in the missing gaps of my A-Z of yummy things.. let me know as I still can't think of any...

Monday, 12 May 2008

Week 2.. second challenge....

Looks like I have got the challenge bug.... I think it is fun working with guidelines as at times when you have lots of scope that you spemd lots of time umming and ahhhing making lots of changes.

The brief... follow the sketch as shown, use ribbon as it is May, use some stamps and then doodle as the challenge is by the Doodlebug team.
I used my lace as the number strip, the smaller circles are journalling circles by Heidi Swapp, the clock and photo corners are also by Heidi Swapp. I stamped on the journal cicles with Blonde Moments stamps.
I enjoyed placing the ribbon on the clock to represent the
hands... something different to what I would usually do.
As for the doodling I took a brave step and drew stitching around photo and also placed hearts around the title... this was a big step for me as I feel scared that I may ruin the Layout...
I had a great time at the Crop yesterday and have started on my little gift for Paul I think I was a little optimistic as I thought that I would actually finish the book. I am lucky as Paul is on lates all week, so I have a few more day's yet.. I will post the book when it is completed, think I will use a slide show.. that is if the book comes out ok.

I have also started the Team Challenge on UKS which is about your favourite place and you need to use stitching.. I am so shocked as I can't even sew on a button and I have managed to sew all around the edge. I am going to use my yummy Berry Sweet papers as I will be able to incorporate my garden.... as I just love spending time in it... so fingers crossed it all goes well...xx Magic and Sparkle xxx

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sunny day's in the garden ..

And the hot weather continues!! Paul and I spent some time sitting out in the garden, making the most of it. I thought that I would take some photo's ... I have taken some every year as each year we have added to the garden to try to bring it to life.... When we moved here all we had was grass and a couple of dying plants....

The water butt we bought last year as we are trying to do our bit for the environment, I am suprised how much water it holds and how quick it can fill up.... Even though Paul gave it a helping hand when we fist got it!!

The Olive tree was bought for both Paul and I when Gabrielle died, from my work colleagues. I am so pleased that it is still growing, it has really established itself.

Long may the hot weather continue... Love, Magic and Sparkle xxxx

Friday, 9 May 2008

My first challenge

After reading about challenges, I decided to take the plunge and made this Layout this afternoon....
After a little thought I really enjoyed completing it and the main thing for me was that it only has a little pink..... I have also earned some points for the Prima Divas. It has given me a real push.
I spent some time at Little Haven this morning, talking to Sue I was informed of a job.. Creative Therapist. She is going to get me some more information, sounds that I will be able to apply my skills as a Social Worker whist also having fun making, will definately look into it.
Hope you like the Layout...Magic and Sparkle xxxx

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Running out of ideas

I have been making the book for my little girl since last October and I have nearly finished. I have completed a couple more pages but I seem to be running out of inspiration... Could this be I am all PINKED out!!!!! As Gabrielle was a pink girl I have stuck to pink, white and green in the book to carry the theme throughout. I am now just finishing off the last couple of photo's of the reception after the service and I feel that I am getting a little bored, BUT I am really keen to finish. It does not help as the photo's are from the disposable camera's that we left on the tables so the quality of the photo's are quite poor...... I think that as I am concentrating on the contant of the pages I am keeping them quite simple with not many techniques.. I really want to get on and play around a little more.
Perhaps I should take a break for a couple of day's. I am running a stall at my friend Karen's Summer Fete and willl be bringing some bits to sell, maybe I should make up some bits now, Also I am at an all day crop on Sunday and I will be making Paul his paperbag book for his birthday.. so that should give me some "time out".....

The hot weather continues and my little dog poppy continues to pant away.. in the sun.. We try to get her to lay in the shade but she seems to think that ahe is my shadow... bless her!

Anyway take a look at the Layouts...
Pink and White stars: This page is of my work colleagues who attended. I used Bazzill cardstock and also Heidi Swapp stars and gems. I cut the stars to decorate with my punches...

Pink Hearts: I cut out the larger pink heart which is Love Elsie paper, which has raised hearts giving an embossed effect, I love the paper.. I got it al Ali Pali... Plain Pink vellum to the left with Doodlebug ribbon, I also placed some Bobunny brads on the page.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Busy, busy bank holiday makes!

What good weather we are having...... Paul spent hours out the front field yesterday cutting the grass. We have some flowers and small trees that we have planted so it took him ages as he had to avoid chopping the flowers... I am sure that there are a few less out there today! and he has a rather red neck, face and arms (ouch). We are planning to plant it up in memory of Gabrielle. We are going to buy a 4 year old Cherry Blosson tree (to represent the 4 years of Gabrielle's life) and place in the middle, so we can look out at the pink blossom and remember our little girl. After we collected Gabrielle's ashes we had great discussion about what we were going to do, we have Gabrielle's ashes here at home with us, as this is where she belongs and rather than pay out for a bench, or tree in a cematory that means nothing to us, or Gabrielle we have decided to plant up the front field.

Anyway, have a look at the bits that I made yesterday, it was too late last night for me to take photo's as my camera is not too good.

Pink Frends Forever: I have made this for Gabreille's little friend Amelia. The backing is gingham metrial I bought from Hobby Craft, Flowers punched from Bazill Cardstock, MM shimmering letters, MM jewels, Paper behind the photo is Maylees Garden, Rain dots.. The frame is from Wilkinson, I have applied Dulux paint to it dry brushing to give vitage look. I have made several framed Layouts as gifts to my nieces and nephews, with varying pictures or photo's in them, Gabrielle aslo has a couple in her room with cupcakes, suprise, suprise!!!

Birthday Card: SO SORRY PICTURE IS BAD: I made this for my mum, using Sugar and Spices own stamps, embossing podwers.. I had great fun as the heat gun is my latest gadget....

The Griffin's Layout: This Layout is for my on going project a special book with the photo's of my little girls last day. Within the book I have pictures of the flowers and also of the celebration after the service... we felt it so important to celebrate my little girls life, as although very short, she achieved so much.

Cardstock, Bazzil, Snuggle bug tag K&Co Baby Sweet, Felt flower from Sugar and Spice, flowers cut with punch using white and pink Bazzil card, some given the Glamour Dust treatment, Glitter words from MM.
Another Pink Flowery Page: On the reverse side of the above layout. Bazzil cardstock, with flowers punched some are pink vellum with pink Stickles for the centre, I added Heidi Swpp flower jewels.

Wish upon a star: We decorated the tables in the barn where we went back to after the service and also left black and white camera's to get the photo's to go in the book. When we got the photo's developed we were pleasently suprised to see that some people had placed the little stars to spell out; Gabrielle and also Little Star: I used Heidi Swapp ribbon to hang the stars at the top of the layout, the cardstock and stars on the ribbon are Bazzil. Glitter paper to mount phot's from Sugar and Spice, and I added some Star Confetti at the bottom with the words "Wish on a star and an angel will never be far".

Pink stripe and star layout: This is on the reverse of the above; I drew pink stitching on the top and bottom of the page with my yummy Sakura pens,Bubblegum, sugar coated card by Doodlebug placed at the top, Striped Vellum by Petals and Possibilities, Heidi Swapp White stars with Galmour Dust, Smaller stars Bubblegum card and plain pink vellum. Within the layouts I have placed the individuals names by their photo's...

I have enjoyed making the book with all the layouts and only have a couple more to do before the book will be finished.. I have decided I will start a Disney book to capture the holiday with Gabrielle from last year. This will be fun and a challenge as I will be using colours other than pink!!!!

Monday, 5 May 2008


Hello, What have you been upto?? The weather has been great; I have posted for you a couple of mini projects that I have completed. ....
Princess Crown: I made this using a Maya Road Princes mini book, adding additional card that I cut out; Bazzil; The stamp detail is from Sugar and Spice's own range; Rub on by Doodlebug; The seperate worrds I printed on the computer and applied Glossy Accents; Yummy embelishments; MM Sweetie epoxy tags; Bobunny heart brads; ribbon from Sugar and Spice, Mixed collection; Doodlebug letters and Shimmering letters on front; Seed beads and also Sugar and Spice's own Nuddies given the Glamour Dust treatment.
I made the crown a couple of weeks ago following a mini album morning class. As you will not pink is my favourite colour. It's a nice little book to keep a couple of my favourite photo's of Gabrielle.

Fairy Picture: This little fairy I made for Mothers day in 2005, I gave them to Gabrielle's nanny's and decided to keep one for myself. As Gabrielle had Cerebral Palsy it was really hard to paint with her, she would struggle with the texture of the paint (Gabrielle was hyper sensitive to some textures).... So I made the fairy using her footprints as the wings. have made several other little thing's using her footprints. I cut all the parts of the fairy, layering them adding a little embellishemwnt on the dress and around the wand... Hope you like?