Sunday, 13 July 2008

Flowers, Fete and Martin Fowler!

Well, I did it... I had my first selling event at Karen's Fete... my little crafty stall called Twinkle Toes..... and I didn't sell a thing (BIG SAD FACE).......
The fete was really aimed at parent with their children wanting to win prizes. I had a little interest on my stall, a handful of parents came and had a look and the feedback was positive. But to be honest with you I think that I really did not have the right "audience".

The Emily fold out was another make for my stall. Thank you again to Sugar and Spice... MARION, who encouraged me to have ago at making one. I am able to offer in any name and obviously other colour ranges. A few of my friends are asking for some... I really enjoyed making it... I choose Emily as it is Gabrielle's middle name and I think that Gabrielle was too longer name for my first make, just in case it did not work out... but it did!

I know that I would have loved to have placed one in Gabrielle's room... and I think that it is a great christening present too.

Above are the beautiful flowers that Matt and Shell bought me for writing Cassie's little poem for her birthday... and they shouldn't have...... Both Paul and I are going to Cassie's birthday party next week and we are excited... I am going to help out and do a little interpreting as some of the children going are Deaf... I have not signed BSL for ages, so fingers crossed. And I have my Makaton training this week, so I hope that I don't get mixed up.. also I am a little nervous as I really need to pass the course as I would like to go on and become a tutor... this will be a test to see if I could go on further......

Above is my friend Karen with James Alexandrew.. MARTIN FOWLER, he came to the fete yesterday and cut the cake for the nursery, which is now 10 years old... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUST LEARNING @ WHIPPS CROSS, and well done Karen you have a great nursery established.. It is very rare in the nursery "world" that you are able to keep your staff, as the staff will move around from one nursery to another mainly in search for better pay.. which is a real crime as the pay in the child care profession is appalling... don't get me started on my soap box..... But Karen has staff that started with her 10 years ago and also a lot of staff that have been there for over 5 years... a real testament to her great management skills.....

Well, here are some photo's from my stall, which I must say I think looked really good.... fingers crossed I might be able to do a craft fair, where obviously the people attending will be going ti buy Crafts... also I have been asked to take my makes into a little shop in Writtle, so I will give that a try...

I am off today to have ago at the weekly challenge and also I have a CJ to finish and I am also making some bits for Cassie for her birthday... busy busy bee xxxx Magic and Sparkle..... xxx

Sunday, 6 July 2008

A robot has been born

I am in making heaven as this is my last weekend before the fete... so I have added to my Manekin collection with a Robot as a way of adding a "boy" member... and I am really pleased with the outcome.. I have started to run out of ribbon so will need to go and buy more stash.. ohhh what a shame!!

The next couple of weekends are really busy and I have some training coming up so I need to get revising my Makaton... Well this was just a quick hello... must go get making

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Marathon making madness xxxx

I had a really productive afternoon yesterday, finishing off started prjects and completing projects.....

The above is the challenge that I completed for the last week in June. I had misplaced my lead and so I had problems downloading it onto UKS. I really enjoyed the challenge as it was about a city, I decided on LA...

I have not been there but Pauls brother Colin has, so I had fun Scrapping the photo's that he took. I also love the paper... not my usual style, but I am really enjoying branching out with diffferent bolder patters.. maybe its part of my learning curve.
Above is one of my favourites, of couse completing it on my little girl.The layout was part of my Page, Page, Page day at SUGAR AND SPICE. Although I did not place the photo's. I think it brings it to life.

And below is another layout from the day that I also needed to finish. I also added sme more detail. I just love the photo as it is so natural and also it is coordinated, matching the paper.

The photo was taken at Bognor last year, a real valued holiday now, looking back at it.. it's a shame that we did not get Gabrielle in the photo too...
And below is another of my footprint creations. As I felt it was important for Gabrielle to enjoy painting and she loved having her feet painted, we struggled to paint with her hands as she would not open them very well, she prefered to tuck her little thumbs in... Anyway I think that I could publish a book with 100 ideas of things to make with footprints... It's another little item for Karen's Fete...
Quite productive hey, and I managed some tidying and also I cleared the ironing... and yes you can hear the sounds of trumpets fanfare... I have some more figuires to paint up.. I think that a little robot will be born soon.... MAGIC AND SPARKLE XXXX

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Tag and BIG make, make make's xxx

I was tagged by Beautifulily last week, but have not had a chance to do it!!! It's the first time I have been tagged.. so if I have broke the rules I apologise just been manic sorting out for the fete and my return to work... So here it is:

10 years ago: I was working in A&E living in Chigwell in Essex... I was with Paul my husband and we had just bought our first house together, so we were decorating it. The house was in Chadwell Heath. When I look back on my work in A&E I realise how I enjoyed it.

5 thing's on today's to do list:
1) Finish the Rocket Footprint picture
2) Meet Shell in Chelmsford and visit Tickety Boo
3) Complete the weekly challenge
4) Tidy up and sort out my projects and challenges folder
5) Finish the ironing

5 snacks I enjoy:
1) Chocolate of course: Reece's Peanut Cupcakes (anything that they do in the orange wrapper)
2) Marmite on toast
3) Biscuits
4) Popcorn
5) Black Jacks

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire:
1) Give money to charity
2) Buy a new car or two including a VW Campervan, split windscreen
3) Pay off the Morgage ?? may buy new home
4) Invest
5) Holiday; New York; Disney;

5 places I have lived:
1) Chelmsford
2) Wickford
3) Chadwell Heath
4) Chigwell
5) Basildon.... what an Essex Girl
I have tagged: Susy's Scraps: Mrs Tiggy: Paige: Coxeby and Scaphappy xxxxx
Below is this week challenge, I have been really busy today and made loads but will post the pictures tomorrow xxxx MAGIC AND SPARKLE xxxx

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Catch up...

Hello, What a week I have had, three day's at work has really wiped me out. Its a shock how having time off and then returning back to work can have such an effect on you, both emotionally and physically.
We have managed to confirm our holiday for Gabrielle's birthday as we were looking on a site with a thread just like UKS and there were rumours on the thread about what you actually will get as part of the package and also about the accomodation.... Very pleased to say that we will be getting the same as we did in the Disney Hotel..... infact they were really helpful on the phone when Paul explainied the importance of the holiday and they even offered to get us into Castle Club at the Disney Hotel......
I have been really busy making matchboxes for the Fete in a couple of weeks time and will be starting my flagbooks later... I also will be making a picture using Gabrielle's foot prints... so best get to it... ohh I heard from Scrapagogo and I might have a place on their third getaway next year .... still having a think about it as I can be quite nervous in unfamiliar setting, especially if I don't know anyone.....
Also I was asked this week to take examples of my work into a little shop in Writtle as they maybe intereasted in selling, sounds like fun, but I am worried they won't like my stuff (fingers crossed) xxxxx MAGIC AND SPARKLE xxxxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Circle Journal 2nd Post

Above is some photo's that I took of my first Cj that I recieved from Krystal Majic (Jacqui). I found it quite hard working on a smaller scale..... as I not have as much room to play around with to get all my bits and pieces placed on... and the letters were larger than I anticipated to label my layout... ( Can't wait till Christmas as hopefully as I have been a very good girl I should get my Cricut Expression!!!) would have made life a little easier....

I have continued making all day.. more matchboxes for the fete....and hopefully will have my last batch finished by tomorrow evening as I want to get stuck in making some flag books. I did pop into Chelmsford this morning and went into one of my favourite shops.. Tickety Boo.... Oh my the shop was full of bits that I wanted a true girly shop.... but with Euro Disney booked I need to save my pennies... It was really hard.... But I did manage to buy a little plastic jar with a catch on it will be perfect for my stash.... xxxx Back to work tomorrow; must go get organised xxxx MAGIC AND SPARKLE xxxx

Monday, 23 June 2008

Baby Pink Project and Challenge

Last weeks challenge on UKS was to complete a layout on something that you are proud off and without a doubt of course I was going to complete a layout of my little girl.... (another layout in pink....). It was while I was completing the project and the journaling as part of the challenge that really made me think how very special my little girl was.... ohhh I miss her sooooo much.. you could not imagine.

Our little girl was born at home at 26 weeks gestation, before the ambulance arrived weighing 2lb 2oz (feet first, which is why we called her Twinkle Toes). Gabrielle spent 4 and 1/2 months in hospital on NICU. And if you were to look up the problems that a premature baby could have my little girl, had them all and some of them presented several times. We were very realistic during our stint in hospital about Gabrielle's chances of survival, but as soon as the problem arrived, it was gone and our little girl bounced back stronger.

The Cerebral Palsy, was a result of a bleed that Gabrielle had on her brain at 4 day's old and it was bilateral, affecting all four limbs (Quadrapegic Dyskentic Athetoid Cerebral Palsy). Our little girl had a list of medical problems as a result of the CP, but I tell you she was one of the healthier children from her little group of friends. I think that it is why it was such a shock when we lost her last year.. no warning..... Gabrielle always had a smile, even when she was really ill (even with Menningitis as a result of her shunt)... the doctore would say, she looks happy and I would really have to stamp my feet and insist that I knew that she was not well. Maybe in the end our little girl was tired and did not want to smile anymore.... xxxxxx

So here is a picture of the challenge and also there are some pictures of a Manekin that I completed, it was a Cyber Challenge on UKS a while ago I think (before I was addicted and logging on).... more photo's of our little girl as a baby... to look at them you would think that she is a new born, Gabrielle was infact 4 months old!!!!!

More yummy cupcakes xxxx

I just cannot get enough if cupcakes..... I went to a class at SUDAR AND SPICE and made this little mini album.... I just love it.

I added some photo's taken at Gabrielle's third birthday and was really pleased as her little outfit matched the colours....

The class was very involved and we used lots of techniques but I am really pleased with the result and think that the cupcake looks good enough to eat xxxxxxx MAGIC AND SPARKLE xxxxxxx

Friday, 20 June 2008

I am sooooo tired xxxx

I am sooooo tired, I went back to work on Thursday and it has been a big shock to my system.....but really enjoying it. I am changing the line of my work focussing on additional needs and inclusion... Had a great meeting today and will be running Baby Sign hopefully later this year....
I have not completed any Lo's or work for 2 day's or been on UKS... having withdrawal symptoms now...... I did pop to Artbase and have bought myself a little wooden manekin to paint up and then attach a mini album, following a challenge that was placed on UKS, following on from an Oscar's theme.... fingers crossed it works out ok..... Anyway I need to finish this weeks challenge and also get painting... also have my CJ to finish and some bits for Karen's Fete.... WOW!!!! go and do some work.....MAGIC AND SPARKLE.....

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Matchbox Minibook

I completed a course the other weekend at Sugar and Spice making a matchbox mini book, I had so much fun. It was really good making something special out of something used witin the home without a second thought. During the course I did not bring any photo's and felt a little left out towards the end as everyone was finishing their little project off, adding their little bits to the tags... and it really made their projects.

So I decided to finish mine and then made one for Paul for Fathers Day adding a selection of his favourite photo's and I must admit I got a little carried away with my new Stamps... It gave me a real boost once I stared adding my own little touches... whilst I was in the course I was really aware that everyone else was busy with theirs and I felt a little blank as to what I would do with mine...but I feel that it really came together.

I have also decided to tidy up and finish my Projects book, as I have a couple of layouts that need some photo's placed on, and I have also made sure that they all are dated...... With this in mind I am now realy keen to get started on Karen and John's Wedding album... so I am going to chase her for the photo's.

Well, I am off to a Cupcake Mini Albim morning on Saturday... this should be so much fun xxxx MAGIC AND SPARKLE XXXX

Monday, 16 June 2008

Back to Disney for our little Princess xxxx

We have booked to go back to Euro Disney for Gabrielle's birthday.... as when Gabrielle died we said that we would go back to the princess castle to where sleeping beauty sleeps and let off some balloons on her birthday... So we took the plunge and just booked it today, without thinking... we really can't afford it, but as we know life is too short and we do not want to let our little girl down.... So we are really excited..... we are going to stay in Disney New York Hotel and have even booked the Suite; Empire State Suite... VIP, just like we did for our little girl last year..... But to our suprise the Park will be open from 8am till 11pm and then there is Firework display.... three long day's...MAGIC AND SPARKLE XXXXXXX

Sunday, 15 June 2008

I love you daddy xxxxxx

I love you Daddy and Happy Fathers Day.... You are the bestest daddy in the whole world..... and always will be xxx.. I know that you are sad, but remember my laughs xx and smile.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Paper and String

Been busy making a little gift for Paul for fathers day tomorrow.. also got loads of photo's developed todayso will be able to place them in my Flag book and also finish my CJ entry. We went out for dinner tonight... bloody nightmare.... First of all one of my lamb cutlets was so rare I could not cut it.. had to wait 25 minutes for another and then they served it to me on a saucer... how classy! Then Pauls dessert was missing the ice cream and also my Irish Coffee had too much cream, pouring over and no visable coffee.. so had to wait for another one.... They did not give us any money off or good will guesture. It's a shame we regularly eat at the pub and until today we had never had any problems, boy did tonight make up for it....

Anyway thought I would share these great pics with you from Paper and String, as listed within my yummy places... I MUST GET SOME.... BUT I WANT IT ALL... CHECK OUT THE SITE XXX MAGIC AND SPARKLE XXXXX

Friday, 13 June 2008

Weekly challenge and some blooms in my garden!

Took some photo's in my garden this morning, as it was rather sunny, despite being warned by the weather people that it would rain... I was really suprised as all off a sudden there is a big flourish of colour at the back of the garden, they are clematus... (I think)

I planted some flowers last year and they have also started to come out, it is another clematus, I put it in the corner of the garden near the Garage, I must admit I am suprised as it seems to be taking off now as I have started to bob and weave it within the trelice. The flower to the side is the only flower open at the moment.. but I am sure that there is more on their way....
This is my first attempt at completeing a layout using an "old" photo, as it was part of the challenge to use a photo of childhood.... I was pleasently suprised as I had a paisley dress on and I have recently really got into Paisley papers and decorative bits.. so I found it quite easy to put the layout together.... I also used a stamp that I bought for my birthday.... (Nina you will be proud of me)... and I also inked the edges.....
I have just found out from my mum that I was three when the photo was taken, so I will put my age on the layout... I was also suprised as the photo was taken at Green Lane in Dagenham, yet my mum and dad lived in Brentwood, and Paul grew up in Barking and then moved to Dagenham when he was about 8, what a small world.....