Saturday, 28 February 2009

BASB: "What irks me"

BASB: Challenge... Late night telephone calls... really irk me!!!!!!
I have made use of the stash that I wanted to buy last week at Sugar and Spice, but didn't... so I had to just go and get it, or should I say that my darling, very special husband got it for me on his way home, both the patterned paper and a great "earth tones" colour stack by American Crafts.
I have really enjoyed this challenge and really love the reto papers.
Didn't get to Shays on Friday... wait for it.... she got her old sofa stuck in the front doorway, as she was hoping to get it taken away by the dust men. Her "man" ended up taking a sledge hammer to it. I really laughed as Shay text me, no one could get in or out her house, and the front door was open with the sofa jammed. The scenario of Winnie the Pooh, sprung to mind... Love you lots Shay and hope that we can make another date soon.
Have lots of making planned for tomorrow... see you then xxx
Magic and Sparkle xxxxxx

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Flip, stash and irks!!!!

Good evening.... Where have the days gone?
Things have been really busy, firstly work... There are going to be BIG changes and restructures. The good news is I still have a job, but it raises questions about where my job will take me... I have my appraisal this coming Tuesday, so hopefully I will get some answers....
Above is a picture of Paul finishing the Pancakes of the century. He is a Masterchief his pancakes are just so yummy xxxxx We seem to go through stages of eating loads and then not having them... It was shrove Tuesday this week, and we had pancakes and then again tonight....
I have given up chocolate for lent, and because I know that I can't eat it, I am craving it BIG TIME.... I must resist!!!
I have been buying some more stash, below is a picture of some of my yummy new bits. I spent a little at Sugar and Spice on Staurday... Thank you Marion for the great savings. I also got some bits at Bluewater, as I went with my mum on Sunday. My mum treated me to some bits from the Art shop there, not sure of the name... got some more yummy Sakura pens, stamps and the new Creativity Life magazine. I had a great time, my mum has just decorated her little loo, and I was her inteior designer, picking up the finishing touches, but not costing me a penny. I did get her some vases as a little gift to say Thank you for the holiday.

I am off to Shay's tomorrow for some making, which will be really good as I have some projects on the go...... I have been really good here today and concentrated on housework, although I must get the housework finished....
I have taken some photo's of the "Deal or No Deal" phone we have, for a challenge I want to complete for BASB: What Irks You?
I got some more stash today from Sugar and Spice again, the bits I wanted to pick up on Saturday but I was trying to be good... How bad am I? I have gone over my limit that I have set myself.. I must be really good next month!!!!
Oh well, it's getting really late so night night xxxx Hope to post tomorrow, with my finished projects xxx
Sweet Dreams, Magic and Sparkle xxxxx

Friday, 20 February 2009

Making Day with Mitchell and Gracie xx

UKS Team Challenges: February Week 3: By Scrap Sisters
to Scrap with Penny or Pennies in; Use Scrap not bought in 2009 and to also include a mini book = 30 O=Points for the Prima Divas

As my nephew and niece are staying and we are all having a making day. I thought that I would ask Mitchell to help me and so he drew the face for me and wrote on the tags to make the book and also drew the border around the photo and the 12x12 paper.

The photo was taken in January when we were all in Disney Paris. We were all awaiting the Parade, Mitchell was not happy as he could not see, but infact the parade had not started yet and we had a good place. When the parade passed us we were right at the front and the characters came up to us to say hello.

Mitchell completed the tags with, I was sad, I was grumpy, I was bored waiting as that is what he said when he say the photo. This is the first time that I have included a childs work in a LO and I have really had good fun and it has also been fun using the acetate.

I recieved my little stash order this morning too from CraftSuperstore. I can't wait to get stuck in......

Magic and Sparkle xxxxx

Sunday, 15 February 2009

2 Challenges for the price of one....

This is February Week 2's challenge for UKS: And Scrap Like You mean It Week 5;
To scrap a Milestone and after 6 Years of "trying for a baby" and after a premature birth, we know that we were blessed to have 4 special cherished years with our little princess.. we miss you so much xxxxx
No patterned paper, create a background
Red, white, blue or stars and stripes... there are the cutest pinks stars on the brads
Gold embelishments; the glitter is glamour with a gold shine to it and the mesh that I have used alsohas a gold sheen to it.

So I can claim the full 30 Points for Prima Diva's; Green Buttons House.... I am also placing this in Scrap Like You Mean It; Week 5 as I made a conscious effort to use ribbons.....
Well, lots of irnoning is calling me, la la la la, I can't hear you.... I say but I must make an effort and do some. We got a new iron today so, better go give it a try, the last one broke just before we went to Disney....
So, I have a really busy week ahead, I am delivering training tomorrow, consultancy for Family Support on Tuesday and a Meeting and Duty work with the Disabled Children's Social Work Team on Wednesday... Crop Wednesday night, and my niece and nephew are also coming to stay Wednesday till Saturday.... So off I go now to start the mountain of ironing and then to get some zzzzzzz's.
Magic and Sparkle xxxxx

Yummy Cookie and Yummy Stash xxx

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day xxxxxxx
I went into Romford with Paul to have a little browse around as we have often popped in after work and have rushed around, not really having a good look. We used to shop there all the time when we lived in Chadwell Heath, our first house together. So, we have lots of happy memories xxx (((Maybe because we had a smaller mortgage!!!!)))
I bought Paul the cookie that is above from Gabrielle, Paul loves it.... but I think that I am loving it more !!!! It only says's "I love you da" this morning!!!
Paul got me lots of stash from the Range, as they sell lots of PM (Ohhh this stands for PaperMania) and I was looking for a collection called Naught but Nice that they had out at Christmas. I must say that they have grown on me a little but I think that I would only be able to use them in moderation. As you can see below, I did not get that, but managed to pick up lots of other stash instead... I now have lots of Brads... shame hey are not of the Brad Pitt kind!!!! (in fact I would rather a Garver or an Arme) I say with a big big sigh!!!!!
When we got home we had a quiet evening at home relaxing, having a drink or two. I have managed to order the PM stuff and I am so looking forward to my little visit to Sugar and Spice next week as they have 20% off. I have put myself on stash rations, only being able to spend once a monthe when I get paid... I have give myself a little limit but I am not going to tell you how much as I will probably go over it every month... The bits below don't count as they were my gift from Paul.....
Well, going to make loads today hopefully as I have to finish off the last CJ entry for a book called I believe and I have to finish this weeks challenge......
Magic and Sparkle xxxx

Friday, 13 February 2009

Late Night BASB Make x

I have had some fun and made a little LO for the BASB Challenge....
Within the LO there are a couple of firsts for me; the first time I have included any doodling on a LO, I was inspired by some Deluxe 12X12 and had a great time with a Glaze Pen,the first time I have made some of my own embelishments, the black ink splodges and hearts are cut freehand on Bazzil Card and covered with Glossy Accents, I have also used Glossy Accents on the letters which are American Crafts....

I just love watching Miami Ink.... What a dream to have those hot men tatooing you!!!!!
(Yummy Yum, better than chocolate!)
I am hopefully getting my next tatoo in March, and I have the transfer of my tattoo I had completed last year ready to scrap, just need to get a good photo of my tatoo, so watch this space.
xxx Magic and Sparkle xxx

Hot Men, Hot Husband and the best Daddy xxx

Here is the card that I made for Paul for Valentines tomorrow..... xxxxx

I am not working tomorrow,so we are planning to go out for the day and just spend some quality time together. I have been asked what I would like and how romantic I have asked for Stash!!!!! I am getting low on brads and little bits so I want to try and build up my basic stock.....

I have also found a new blog thanks to Polly... (lub)...its called BASB and it has lots of exciting challenges. I am really up for the present one to scrap someone you luv, other than your partner... so watch this space, I may have ago.... check it out it is in my Yummy places list with a link....

Now look at the photo below of my true love Paul with our little girl in Disney Paris, May 2007. I think that there is resemblance of the men above... how lucky am I married to a man who is so good to me; loves me, treats me and really cares for me and was just the best Daddy in the whole world.

I love you daddy xxx Happy Valentines xxx Love your little Angel xxx

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I am soooooooo happppppeeeeeeeeeeee.... I popped onto Sugar and Spice's Blog earlier and that this little blog of mine is listed..... what a priviledge.... THANK YOU SOOOOOO Much Marion xxxxxxxx I owe you some chocolate xxxxxxx
I have had a troublesome day as I did not manage to get into work, after two and a half hours I turn't around came home and managed to get some work done although was having real problems with my little PC.....
Above is a little gift that I made for my little goddaughter..Niamh Marie Hunberstone, I made it to give to her on Sunday with some other cute presents. There is a yummy shop in Billericay called The Olive Branch, I was so spoilt for choice, but decided on a Silver heart engraved Goddaughter, a teddy with a pink junper and a little cross on the jumper and a beautiful frame that is pink and silver with a little crown on the top. We had a really good day.... although mixed with emotions... Thinking of you always Gabrielle....
Anyway, I am in work tomorrow and I have sooo much to catch up on so I am going to leave really early so night night.... catch up soon xxxx
Magic and Sparkle xxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Majic Circle xx

So, my first Circle Journal is nearly finished.... And to catch up I have posted you some pictures of the entries that I have made and sent on. I am so excited to get my CJ back and hope that it is full with great LO.....
I have enjoyed the CJ as I have used colours that I would not normally use.

This is for a Low Fat Recipies CJ, I had great fun putting in a lovely recipies for Raspberry Cupcakes... what else! xxx

Now, shock horror I have used brown and pink for the CJ below. I was not a fan of these colours until I completed the entry... The CJ was entitled If Only I could....

I had great fun and really love the papers, and the tape measure....

One of the CJ's was called My Favourite Thing's and had a DLO of a garden scene planned, then whenI looked in the CJ everyone else had thought the same.... So I decided to play with the title and complete my entry on the song from the film and musical The Sound of Music...

I was not a lover of Snowflakes before I completed the entry, but they have grown on me... and of course my "Girl in white dresses with blue satin sashes" had to have a little glamour dust.

For the CJ Wherejust had to have fun with the Essex Girl Thing....

Love Is CJ, I had to have a real think as I was planning to complete a LO on Last Rolo, but someone beat me to it. So I thought I would complete one about Marmite kisses, as I love it and he hates it xxxxx

Always Wear Sunscreen was the CJ that I was really looking forward to as you are to complete a LO on someone that has inspired you or made a real impact on your life. For me it is a lady called Theresa Healy as she was my Brown Owl, when I was a Brownie Guide. I went on and became a Young Leader. In life I have pursued a career in Social Work, specialising in Disabled Children. Within the Brownie Guide Law and Promise you state that you will always try your best and help other people... words that I have always kept close to my heart xxxx

I have on more CJ to complete on I Believe.... then I should be getting my CJ back, so I will be able to share it with you soon.....
I am so proud, completing this entry after so long... I hope that you like xxxxx
Ohhh.... below are picture of the CJ I completed The Beauty of Nature.... I nearly forgot it and I enjoyed comleting it... after all it has got alot of pink in it.... and also Dream a Dream CJ, which really enjoyed too completing the LO about my prince, my husband Paul and our little princess Gabrielle xxxxx

Just a little message xxx


I have not blogged for so long as I have been having such a bad time.... I miss my little princess with every beat of my heart and I think that the reality of living or should I say existing without her has finally hit home... with avengence.

I stopped blogging lat year and then did not scrap for months, was just finding it all too much.

I have now started to scrap again and I am really enjoying it and think that I might start to post again.....

So give me a little time and you never know I may start posting my little makes xxxx