Sunday, 1 March 2009

UKS Feb Week 4


I have had such fun with this layout, that I have had planned for ages as I would like to in the albumn that we will make up of Gabrielle's VIP stay in Disney Paris May 2007 xxxxx

It was February week fours challenge on UKS:

  • 6 of something: 6 brads plus 6 flat, button eyelets
  • Something on LO that flaps: ribbons and journalling
  • Repeat first letter in title: Terrific Tigger
  • Something new: new card from my American Crafts pack matched with the ribbon

Full marks for my team: 30, plus I can add 10 points for the Irks LO...

I will post pictures of the I Believe CJ, soon xxxxx

Magic and Sparkle xxxxx

1 comment:

Polly said...

I have a thing for orange :) Love the writing...!! All joined together and in a circle :wub:

And found Shay's story hillarious too :D See you soon!
P x