Thursday, 26 February 2009

Flip, stash and irks!!!!

Good evening.... Where have the days gone?
Things have been really busy, firstly work... There are going to be BIG changes and restructures. The good news is I still have a job, but it raises questions about where my job will take me... I have my appraisal this coming Tuesday, so hopefully I will get some answers....
Above is a picture of Paul finishing the Pancakes of the century. He is a Masterchief his pancakes are just so yummy xxxxx We seem to go through stages of eating loads and then not having them... It was shrove Tuesday this week, and we had pancakes and then again tonight....
I have given up chocolate for lent, and because I know that I can't eat it, I am craving it BIG TIME.... I must resist!!!
I have been buying some more stash, below is a picture of some of my yummy new bits. I spent a little at Sugar and Spice on Staurday... Thank you Marion for the great savings. I also got some bits at Bluewater, as I went with my mum on Sunday. My mum treated me to some bits from the Art shop there, not sure of the name... got some more yummy Sakura pens, stamps and the new Creativity Life magazine. I had a great time, my mum has just decorated her little loo, and I was her inteior designer, picking up the finishing touches, but not costing me a penny. I did get her some vases as a little gift to say Thank you for the holiday.

I am off to Shay's tomorrow for some making, which will be really good as I have some projects on the go...... I have been really good here today and concentrated on housework, although I must get the housework finished....
I have taken some photo's of the "Deal or No Deal" phone we have, for a challenge I want to complete for BASB: What Irks You?
I got some more stash today from Sugar and Spice again, the bits I wanted to pick up on Saturday but I was trying to be good... How bad am I? I have gone over my limit that I have set myself.. I must be really good next month!!!!
Oh well, it's getting really late so night night xxxx Hope to post tomorrow, with my finished projects xxx
Sweet Dreams, Magic and Sparkle xxxxx

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Polly said...

More stash!!?! You can never have enough stash!! Enjoy your making day with Shay.
P x