Thursday, 25 June 2009

Pics of me

Life has been really hectic at the moment, both at home and at work. Feeling really demoralised at work.... but I have a weeks leave HIP HIP HOORAY xxxxx

I was really inspired at the getaway and I have been completing lo which will go into Gabrielle's baby book. I have lots of pictures from the getaway of my projects and of the bits I have done at home so I am going to sort them out and post later this weekend.....

So the pictures were taken by CJ, Thank you xxxx I am pleased with them.... will pop back soon with my LO's xxxx

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day xxxx

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy
With lots of love and lots of angel kisses and hugs

Gabrielle xxxxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Scrapagogo has gone gone gone, but not for long long long xxx

Below is where I was at the weekend..... for the Scrapagogo Retreat and I had the most amazing weekend............ohhhh and i have booked to go back next March hip-hip hooray xx

I celebrated my birthday making, making, making and it was the best!!!!!. I am going to post pictures of what I managed to make soon, but wanted to share pictures of the place first and as you can see it was beautiful. The treehouse below is just stunning and i did have a laugh climbing it with Lisa (Smartipants).

As you can see the rooms were very classy too... not that I spent much time in it as i did not go to bed till 2.30am and was up again at 6!

The classes we attended were amazing, and made some great yummies. Shimmelle's class was busy and I am yet to finish the book... but hope to do so tomorrow night at my crop. I also had my pictures taken by the majician CJ so I am really excited to see them.

Peekaboo!!!! The apron was a gift from Smartiepants and it is covered with yummy little cupcakes.
Being one with nature.... a little tree hugging.
Ching, ching, Shimelle.... but you really should'nt eat that sparkle......

Gabrielle was never far from my thoughts throughout the weekend, i sent her a princess balloon on my birthday, sent with a big kiss and a hug.
Well, life is really manic, I have just caught up after the weekend and I am off tomorrow night after my crop for 2 nights to attend a conference on Social Stories, which you use with children who have social and communication problems. I am back on Friday night and have work first thing Saturday!!!!! PANIC>>>so much to do.... Hope your well?
Magic and Sparkle xxxx

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Unofficial Birthday

I am so excited!!!! I have been awake since 4.30 this morning.....
I am off to the Scrapagogo weekend tomorrow for three days, two sleeps a whole weekend packed full of making, classes from the experts and also I have booked to have my pictures taken.......

The last couple of weeks have just passed by..... so whats been happening?

My weight loss remains at 1 stone 8.5lb and I know that i should be really pleased, but i was hoping to be at 2 stone. I am noticing a change in the way my clothes are fitting, i feel like MC Hammer as my trousers are just hanging off me, which to be honest is not flattering. I also feel that with my jeans on that i look like a bundle of rags all tied up in the middle, as i need my belt tight to keep them up. I have bought a new pair of jeans and some linen trousers to tie my over and i am pleased to announce that they are two sizes smaller than what i would normally buy..... (BIG HAPPY FACE). I don't want to buy too many as hopefully i will be able to go down at least another two sizes... fingers crossed.

My cousin Loise came and stayed with me on the Bank Holiday weekend and we went out so that she could get some bits for her flat. I am really lucky here in Chelmsford as there are several great home/ girlie shops that sell all those "finishing touches" that really make a difference. I am also only a 20 minute drive from Barleylands farm in Billericay that has more home shops and of course the great Sugar and Spice Scrapbook shop xxxxxxxx

I popped back to Louise's last weekend as I have had a hair cut and colour by the best hair dresser in the world.. princess Andrea. My hair is now black with some great dark pink/red slices throughout.

When I arrived at my cousins, I was met with....................

The yummy sweets and cakes below are printed on paper and that was placed at my seat to have my dinner.......and Louise cooked me pasta bake and i had chocolate dessert followed by the marsh mellow cakes. I felt like the queen as my birthday is not until Saturday this week, the 6th......
Thank you, so much Louise and Andrea I had a great time, as always and I am so pleased with my to follow xxxx

Last weekend we managed to get the Bar B Q out and Paul completed the compulsory caveman instinct and cooked up some great chicken, burgers and sausages. We were joined by our dear friends Helen and Lenny with their princess' Amelia and Niamh.
We had a great day as always, catching up and putting the world to rights. They have really stuck by us, since we lost our little girl.. Thank you xxxxx
We hope that we can get to catch up again.
Below is Niamh, pronounced Neeve. We are her proud God parents. It is so scary ti see how she is growing...... As we mentioned at the weekend it will not be long before we are planning her first birthday.
As you can see below, Amelia needed some sun cream.... as the weather was sunny......

So I am now off to get some ironing done and then I have to finish getting packed for the weekend. I also want to pop out and get a balloon to let off for Gabrielle on my birthday as I will not be at home xxxx

I am really nervous about the weekend, as I have never done anything like this before and i have never been away from Paul on my birthday since we have been together.... but i am sure that i will have a great weekend.

I am taking my camera, so watch this space, there may be a photo overload on its way.

I hope that you have a great weekend xxxxxx

Magic and Sparkle x