Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Anniversary Card

I have made this anniversary card this afternoon..... I am not really a card maker and I favour less is more. I was able to use my fab Heidi Swapp stamp...... so love her style. I got the stamp at Ali Pali. I used my embossing powder and my heat tool... a recent investment. I was also very brave and inked around the edge of the tag as I am not a big ink fan.... (Nina you will be pleased!!!). Anyway I am off to my Crop later, so excited xxxxx
Magic and Sparkle xxxxx

A little bit more to look at..

Hello, well what a day I have had... I have finally cought up on all my housework, so I can have some "guilt free" time with my paper.... I have nearly finished Gabrielle's book, only a few more pages and I really want to get it finished.

I have spent alot of today playing around on the computer and I have added the slide show of my favourite thing's. To be honest I could have added so much more. I have also placed the picture at the top of the blog.

Well tomorrow I am going to a Crop, in Writtle. This will be the second Crop that I have gone to and the first time at Writtle. I am sure that it will be lots of fun.... I am also looking forward to the weekend.. Its a bank holiday!!! and also National Scrpbooking Day on Saturday. I will be going to my favurite place, Sugar and Spice and I have booked to do a page. I am also making some yummy treats with marshmellows and chocolate... yummy yum!!!

Well if I get some bit's finished tomorrow I will take some pictures and post them.

Magic and Sparkle xxxxxx

Monday, 28 April 2008

My first book....

Magic and sparkle..... I have finally taken the plunge and have made a little slide show of my first book that I made for my sister.... She has given it to Beth as part of her wedding present.... What do you think??

It is the first time that I have posted my work... and my camera is only a little cheap digital one... so I hope to improove. But I must say that I was pleased with the outcome... maybe PINK had something to do with it?? I will now be attempting to make a paperbag book.. I have got some pre-stitched so fingers crossed it will work out ok. I will not be using any PINK in the book.. so i will be out of my comfort zone...

My first book... Beths Hen Night xxxx

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Thank you to all my UKS buddies xxx

Well, I finally took the plunge and placed my blog on UKS and have recieved gr8 feedback, so thank you to you all xxxxx

My Slideshow below is of my little girl "Twinkle Toes" Gabrielle. It is beacuse of Gabrielle that I have started to "Scrap". Gabrielle died very suddenly last September aged 4 xxxx ohhh I miss her so much........... I took the plunge and "Scrapped" her funeral.. Which I know sounds abit "weird" but I felt that it was only right to capture her last day as all her life is in photo's.. as you can see from the slide show.

Her little book has come out very well, it was my first time of completing Layouts and I have approx 50 within the book. If I get brave I may take some photo's and post them... so keep watching. The book is mainly pink as Gabrielle loved pink. I have recieved positive comments from all that have looked at the book.... So that's how I became HOOKED on scrapping xxxxx

The book has given me great pleasure and I feel that I can look back on my little girl's last day and say that I done her proud... to be honest with you the whole couple of weeks following her death are a complete blurr... So thank you Gabrielle for giving mummy the courage to make something positive from something that hurts so much xxxxx

Yesterday I attended a memorial service at Great Ormond Street for all the children under their care that have died. I was able to share Gabrielle's favourite story Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Kate Toms, with everyone as part of the service, which was something very special...

Well hope to place more soon xxx So night night from me xxxxx

Thursday, 24 April 2008


I have finally taken the plunge all by myself and have decided to set up my own Blog... Well I say my own but it will be our family Blog. Please be patient as I have never done anything like this before and it is an experiment, that I will be learning as I go... I hope to get it running and full with magic and sparkle soon... Lots of Love Lisa xxxxx