Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sending our love xxxx

Wow were has the time gone, things have been so manic!!!! Working 4 days a week really makes a difference and my Shining Stars Group at work has also started, so I will be working on Saturdays too....

It was the memorial celebration yesterday at Little Haven. Paul attended and was able to let some balloons off from us both. Pauls twin brother went with Paul too....I was at work as we opened our third service. I really wanted to go but there was a mix up and we did not get to know about it until the last minute.....

The roses that Paul took were the same ones as were in the flowers we gave to our little princess at her funeral xxxx


I have made another maze book ths week, for my manager Moira who has left to start work in Thurrock. She has been a real inspiration to me an amazing practitioner. I will miss her, as she really has helped me. Here are a few pictures of the book.....

So we will be going out tomorrow with Luke and Ruby, I hope the weather holds up! Not sure where? maybe the zoo. Mind you would be good to take the dogs out for a good walk. Will bring my camera as I am sure there will be some good photo opportunities xxxx

Off to bed now, as I am shattered xxxxx oh, by the way my total weight loss is now up to 1st 3lb xxx BIG HAPPY FACE xxx but boy i would love to have a big pig out on chocolate xxxxx

Night night xxxx

I hope that your having a great Bank Holiday xxxx


Polly said...

Hugs hunny, hope you and hubs are ok and doing good. You are such an inspirationally woman and so lovely :)
Well done on the weight loss too!!!

And Marion and me both said if ever you want any crop help... we're willing to :)

See you soon!

MARION said...

hey well done on the weight loss. If you have any spare chocolate hanging around, you're wecome to pass it this way.

Big Hugs