Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Happy Birthday Paul xxxx

No your not seeing double, below is my husband Paul, on the right with his serious looking twin brother Colin.
It was their birthday on Saturday and we went away to Hunstanton in Norfolk, staying in a Caravan. They thought that it would be funny to both bring the same jumper to wear when we went out for dinner. We bought the jumpers in Disney in January... they did look like book ends. When they were little they dressed differently. To be honest I know that there are similarities, but I think that Paul looks more like his older brother Tony (unfortunately) as he is an arse (excuse my french)!!!!

We had a good drive in our new family car, the fiesta and it did not drink much diesel, so hopefully it will work out more financially cheaper. The site was quite nice, lots of friendly ducks as our neighbours, they even joined us in the van.

We went to Kings Lynn on Saturday for a browse and I bought Paul some clothes to add to his present, which was a Negative Scanner... it does something with negatives to convert them to be saved on PC.

The top above was a birthday gift too... Paul also chose some Marvel Comic Pants, don't panic I won't be taking any pictures of them.....

The beach at Hunstanton was beautiful and although it was a bit windy when the sun came out it was lovely. I really enjoyed taking photo's and Paul is now getting better at "posing" for me or should i say tolerating my want to have lots of pictures to scrap.....

I just love the sense of distance in the picture below, which to be honest is more luck than anything as I had my glasses on and could not see what I was taking a picture of.

I am looking forward to scrapping the pictures from the weekend, as they are my first lot of decent pictures.

Yummy chocolate fudge cake, Paul and Colin both had after their meal, with a little candle.... I just had a little taste... honest.

But I was not too good with the cookie that I bought for Paul from our little girl.... as I did share it with Paul. We also got one for Uncle Colin.

I made Paul a Maze book using black and white, which he really enjoyed. I will post this tomorrow, as I want to make a slide show with it.

I have got a busy week, Crop tomorrow, Slimming World Thursday (I think that it won't be good news!) and it's a Bank Holiday.... I spoke with my cousin last night and I think that she will be coming to stay xxxx I have booked for an all day Crop next Sunday and the following weekend I will be away for the great Scrapagogo weekend. I feel that I so much to organise, clothes which are a nightmare as nothing fits, which is good as I have lost weight, but don't want to buy too much as I need to loose so much more. I also need to prepare all my photo's for the classes that I am doing and also the pictures and papers for my LO that I will do in between...... ohhhhh.

Well that's enough for now, will pop back soon xxxxx



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Anonymous said...

I hope he had a lovely birthday hun! I have some goodies to send you, if you can email me your address I can send the goodies your way freaknatz@yahoo.com xxx