Sunday, 26 April 2009

All in a line xxxx

I have made the most of the good weather and have been washing all of Gabrielle's cuddly toys. Gabrielle had a big basket full of them in her bedroom and we would wash them for her as they are little dust magnets.... We have not done this since she died so decided that it was time to do so and we are pleased that we have..... and we have also taken a big step and have packed them in some storage boxes. The thinking behind this is that we would like to give them to Gabrielle's brother or sister, hopefully one day, should the IVF work xxxxxxx

They looked so cute hanging on the line xxxxxxxx

I have spent the weekend continuing to try and clear "Mount Griffin" of Ironing that grows so quickly in the house. I have also continued with LO's for Karen and John's wedding book, i think that I must have at least 15 completed now, although I am running out of photo's to match to the cards, so I have made my request to Karen

Below are a few pictures of my making area that Paul completed for me... I still have a few little area's to finish off and will post better pictures when the whole room is completed. I am getting the new day bed this Friday.... so things are progressing....
Work tomorrow and i have to go for more blood tests for my treatment, checking my hormone levels.... will pop back soon xxxxxx

Magic and Sparkle

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MARION & POLLY said...

It's a BIG step to take, proud of you. as for your looks so lovely and rather too organised. LOL!!
Fingers, toes, legs and nose crossed for your tests.

Marion xxx