Saturday, 9 May 2009

LO, Car and a Voodoo Doll!

Wow, what a week...... time passes so quickly!
I have managed to complete my LO for the challenge on Scrapagogo I am in the Orange team and they set the challenge based on the fab advert out at the moment for the Orange Network. It show's friends that can go to the pictures on free Wednesday's and one of the friends is a witch, as in the Wizard of Oz.

So the challenge was to use the lyrics from Wicked the musical or the script from the Wizard of Oz, oh you also needed to include Orange in your LO.
I chose one of my favourite pictures of Gabrielle, when she was 3 months old, taken at Great Ormond Street, just before we were able to bring her home. The words are taken from, i think what is one of the most famous song's from musical theatre...
Somewhere over the rainbow.....
"Where troubles melt like lemon drops"
The flowers were a little experiment, with the rainbow colours and buttons xxxx I just love buttons and have not used them for ages.
Below are my niece, Ruby and nephew Luke. We had such great fun when they came and stayed last weekend. Watching films, shopping with pocket money, walking the dogs, painting and stories. We have promised them that we will take them camping in the summer holidays.

The card below I made for my aunt, who gave me a book all about flowers and paper crafts. She is a member of a book club and had to pick a free gift, so she ordered me the book. How kind? The card was an idea from the book, I will try it on a LO..... So thank you Jackie xxxx

How cute is my little Voodoo doll named Tinkerbelle, which is my user name on UKS and other little sites. I just love it and it now hangs pride and place on my little tote, which in itself is a work of art as I have added little bits to it for decoration. Some of which are really sentimental to me as they were Gabrielle's. So thank you Smartie xxxxx

So 4 weeks until the Scrapagogo weekend, which means 4 weeks till my birthday xxxxx Next weekend is my DH birthday and we are going away for the weekend to Norfolk, Hunstanton, I will be doing my home work and finding the great places to visit. .. I think that there will be lots of great photo opportunities xxxx more to go in my boxes of photo's to scrap up.. when will they ever invent a 48 hour day.

Oh, my little car below has gone to Fords.... I have a new car 09 plate Fiesta Zetec (diesel). I got it yesterday, it will be alot more cheaper to run and hopefully will become a family car... one day. Oh... big sigh... i loved having the roof down even though i would look like i had just been dragged through a hedge backwards!!!!!

So, going to have a little more play with paper this weekend, I have a little idea for a gift for Paul and Colin for their birthday's... THEY WILL BE 37........ i am typing this as he is looking over my shoulder shaking his head, a head that gets more shinier every day as the hair seems to get less by the day... I think that he would blame me for it!!!!... now he is nodding his head!... oh and i have some revision for my Makaton Tutor Course which is fast apporaching xxx AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

So we are going to go and watch A Series of Unfortunate Events now xxxx

Will pop back soon xxxxx

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Nina said...

Love your new car!