Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Just a little Hello

Hello, I am still here, but things have been really manic. My laptop blew up and have only had it back a week xxx and I have just felt really tired...... I have loads of pictures to down load, but when I log on it is always so late...... So will try my best to up load in the next couple of days....

So whats been happening; I went and stayed with my cousin in Milton Keynes and visited Birmingham to shop they were yummy, I just loved Selfidges, we also went to Northampton and I had my second tattoo xxxxx little stars on my left inside lowe arm, one is pink for my little girl.

My special man, has built me storage for all my scrapping and we have started decorating the "bonus" room. Its white with pink, I have moved some of Gabrielle's lovely bits from her room wo I have mixed emotions, but I am sure that she would like this.

So, been working really hard and experienced my second Mothers Day without my little princess xxxxx Thank you to my special man in a million Paul, who made the day as special as he could xxxx

Work tomorrow and I have three meeting's, hope to pop back in the next couple of days to post my pictures xxxx

Hope your well, Magic and Sparkle xxxxx

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Polly said...

been missing your blog posts! Hope you're ok... and I loved the tat :)