Friday, 27 March 2009

Picture Alert, Big Catch up xx

At last after 4 attempts I have managed to get this published.......

I have had a really busy week with work I am attending an average of three apppointments a day and so I am feeling really tired....... I am also having to adapt to 4 days a week, which is helping as I have found that I need to be more productive and organised with my time. Since we lost our little angel I hsve struggled to get a routine established here at home, but with the increase in days I feel that I am making steps, no matter how small.

Good news I have lost 6 1/2lbs. I joint Slimming World last week and so I am really pleased. Fingers crossed I carry on with big losses as I have so much to loose... so watch this space.

Below are the photos that I took of my last entry in the Majic Circle Journal. I am pleased with it, I think that the use of PINK helps.

The book was larger than normal and so I had to complete the front and back sections seperately. I also used lots of different techniques.

The journalling on the book I completed as a little story....

Once upon a time I deamed that I would meet a prince, and I did and we were married.

And after 6 years of treatment we had a baby girl and she was named Gabrielle.

One day we will awaken Gabrielle from her sleep with a kiss and then we will live happily ever after.

I have recieved my CJ back, I will take some pictures and post tomorrow. I am really pleased to have the book back, it seems like so long ago that I posted it. So thank you to my fellow scrappers who completed their entry in my book xxxxx

Below are a couple of pictures of a LO that I completed a couple of weeks ago for a challenge on UKS. I have some more to load, but as I have had problems with this post I will wait.

I just love the picture, it was taken of Gabrielle when Paul and I took her to SNAP Parent group when she was about 2. They took it for a mothers day card....

And finally the pictures below are from Birmingham. I went there for the first time when I visited my cousin a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to Louise and Andrea, as I had a great day. The bull ring is a great place to shop, I just wished that I lived a little nearer. The Selfridges was amazing, filled with the most yummiest concesions, Hershey, Jelly Bean a little section with food from America. I was a really good girl and resisted.

Whilst I was at my cousins i had my tattoo on my left lower inside arm. I don't have a photo yet, but will have to take a picture. It is of 6 little black stars and 1 pink one, which is for my little star. I want to add the words Twinkle Toes to it and a couple of white feathers...

Well I am off to get the housework finished or should I say started and I am also having to have a little think as their is a challenge in preperation for the SCRAPAGOGO GETAWAY that I will be off to in June. My first time away scrapping, so really excited.

Will pop back real soon as I have more to post xxx


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