Monday, 23 June 2008

Baby Pink Project and Challenge

Last weeks challenge on UKS was to complete a layout on something that you are proud off and without a doubt of course I was going to complete a layout of my little girl.... (another layout in pink....). It was while I was completing the project and the journaling as part of the challenge that really made me think how very special my little girl was.... ohhh I miss her sooooo much.. you could not imagine.

Our little girl was born at home at 26 weeks gestation, before the ambulance arrived weighing 2lb 2oz (feet first, which is why we called her Twinkle Toes). Gabrielle spent 4 and 1/2 months in hospital on NICU. And if you were to look up the problems that a premature baby could have my little girl, had them all and some of them presented several times. We were very realistic during our stint in hospital about Gabrielle's chances of survival, but as soon as the problem arrived, it was gone and our little girl bounced back stronger.

The Cerebral Palsy, was a result of a bleed that Gabrielle had on her brain at 4 day's old and it was bilateral, affecting all four limbs (Quadrapegic Dyskentic Athetoid Cerebral Palsy). Our little girl had a list of medical problems as a result of the CP, but I tell you she was one of the healthier children from her little group of friends. I think that it is why it was such a shock when we lost her last year.. no warning..... Gabrielle always had a smile, even when she was really ill (even with Menningitis as a result of her shunt)... the doctore would say, she looks happy and I would really have to stamp my feet and insist that I knew that she was not well. Maybe in the end our little girl was tired and did not want to smile anymore.... xxxxxx

So here is a picture of the challenge and also there are some pictures of a Manekin that I completed, it was a Cyber Challenge on UKS a while ago I think (before I was addicted and logging on).... more photo's of our little girl as a baby... to look at them you would think that she is a new born, Gabrielle was infact 4 months old!!!!!


Linda Elbourne said...

A beautiful tribute XXX

On the day that you were born,
the angel at your birth,
looked at your face and made a note,
too good for this earth XXX

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

I was so moved when I read your post - a beautiful record.

Beautifullily said...

You are such a strong lady, and your little girl's spirit lives on in you.

I love how you've decorated your manekin, lovely way to display your work.

Hope it's OK, but I've tagged you - see my blog for details.

Susy Rudy said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful baby. I admire your courage and your spirit and I wish you luck in your future and I am sure Twinkle Toes is watching over you.

Jay said...

That's a lovely tribute. Twinketoes was lucky to have you as a mother. She will be smiling down on you always.

Paige said...

A very moving post on your blog today. You are a very strong Lady! I love your work and all your beautiful "Pink" LO's and projects. Beautiful!!

Tash said...

A truly lovely way of rembering your little angel. I cannot imagine how hard the last year has been for you - and yet your blog is always so cheerful and optimistic. Wishing you strength and fortitude