Sunday, 12 July 2009

so sorry xxxx

This little post comes to you with big apologies as i have been a terrible blogger of recent... but with good reason.....
I went away last week on a Makaton Regional tutor course.... and i PASSED....... so the weeks before i was cramming my signing and symbols....... The course was really intense starting lectures at 9am and finishing at 7pm.. with study and preparation required in the evening.
So I now need to run the second part of the course with another tutor and once signed off and licence purchased i will be able to go solo......
Work is really manic too at the moment and i am really feeling that all eyes are on me... so will see what happens as it is not a nice feeling... i have supervision next week and i will discuss this then.
I have also found facebook... i know a little late as i swore that i was not going to bother, but it has helped as i am now in touch with people that i went to school with and we had a reunion a couple of weeks ago.....
So I am going to get all my photos organised of the making that i have completed..... and i still have the Scrapagogo stuff to share with you....ohhhhhhhh i received the famous yellow box from them just before i went away. I was really confused as i do not subscribe... within the box were lots of goodies all wrapped individually with news that i had won the sketch challenge..... but i had not entered.... so i contacted them and the lovely Janice and Lorraine have told me that i can keep it......... HAPPY DAYS....... it had ribbon, brads, stickers, paper, "SLICE" apron and little stress shape, yellow bicycle bag........ so i am so happy.
So i am off now to try and get organised as beack to work next week and the ironing i have calling me upstairs really needs to be attempted.... then hopefully time for some making later.....
Promise i will pop back with some pictures soon ...... MAGIC AND SPARKLE xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ohhh i have chosen to print this in green as it is the Makaton colour xxx


Nina said...

Hey I wondered where you had been! Sounds like you had a sprinkle of luck with your 'yellow box'! I'd love a Slice apron!
Oh and yeah Facebook rocks, but Twitter is as cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetheart!
I will have to find you on facebook, as I'm untraceable!
I'm on Twitter though and agree with Nina that you need it, hehe.
Well done on passing the Makaton course, yay.