Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Scrapagogo has gone gone gone, but not for long long long xxx

Below is where I was at the weekend..... for the Scrapagogo Retreat and I had the most amazing weekend............ohhhh and i have booked to go back next March hip-hip hooray xx

I celebrated my birthday making, making, making and it was the best!!!!!. I am going to post pictures of what I managed to make soon, but wanted to share pictures of the place first and as you can see it was beautiful. The treehouse below is just stunning and i did have a laugh climbing it with Lisa (Smartipants).

As you can see the rooms were very classy too... not that I spent much time in it as i did not go to bed till 2.30am and was up again at 6!

The classes we attended were amazing, and made some great yummies. Shimmelle's class was busy and I am yet to finish the book... but hope to do so tomorrow night at my crop. I also had my pictures taken by the majician CJ so I am really excited to see them.

Peekaboo!!!! The apron was a gift from Smartiepants and it is covered with yummy little cupcakes.
Being one with nature.... a little tree hugging.
Ching, ching, Shimelle.... but you really should'nt eat that sparkle......

Gabrielle was never far from my thoughts throughout the weekend, i sent her a princess balloon on my birthday, sent with a big kiss and a hug.
Well, life is really manic, I have just caught up after the weekend and I am off tomorrow night after my crop for 2 nights to attend a conference on Social Stories, which you use with children who have social and communication problems. I am back on Friday night and have work first thing Saturday!!!!! PANIC>>>so much to do.... Hope your well?
Magic and Sparkle xxxx

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Polly said...

So glad you had a good time :D I am soooooo envious!